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Jean-Guy – World Wellness Weekend
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Author: Jean-Guy

World Wellness Weekend / Articles posted by Jean-Guy

Healthy SPA by SPA Advisor

An article by SPA Advisor    SPA, centri termali e olistici, beauty e wellness center fino all'anno scorso hanno vissuto un'importante periodo di trasformazione e crescita. Oggi tale settore è fortemente in crisi a causa della pandemia che ha penalizzato soprattutto il turismo legato al wellness, anche se proprio in questo contesto d'emergenza globale resta la ricerca e il desiderio di benessere come stile di vita sano e salutare, come occasione di miglioramento delle proprie condizioni psicofisiche. Dopo il lungo stop imposto dal primo lockdown è stato approvato il protocollo COVID e SPA, centri termali e benessere dopo aver dimostrato di aver eseguito adeguate opere di prevenzione e contenimento del contagio da SARS-CoV-2 hanno potuto riaprire, compatibilmente con l'andamento della situazione epidemiologica regionale. Il protocollo prevede ad esempio la prenotazione obbligatoria, il contingentamento degli ingressi e degli accessi agli spogliatoi. All’entrata in struttura l’operatore...


The role of proteins

  Proteins are essentials for building muscle tissue and they are the basic material for the growth of cells in our body. If our food and energy are satisfactory, the molecule mTOR gives the signal to cells to grow they grow, thicken, and divide themselves. Without proteins, there is no mTOR activity. Moreover, proteins are advised for anyone wanting to control their weight. First of all, Proteins are stored in the muscles. Our body does not want to consume its muscles, it will prefer to use its carbohydrate and fat reserves as a source of energy. Secondly, we usually feel full when we have eaten enough protein. If the food contains very few proteins, we risk eating twice as much energy to fill the gap. However, beware of...

The myths behind fats & mindful eating

  The myths behind fats It is commonly said that fats / lipids make you gain weight because a gram of lipid contains 9 kcals compared to a gram of protein or carbohydrates that only contains 4 kcals. However, it is very important to differentiate “saturated” and “trans fats” with the “unsaturated” ones. It is advised to limit your consumption of saturated fats that you find for example in butter, red meat, whole milk ; and trans fats found in chips, French fries, industrial pastries or pizzas for example. Those fats increase your “bad” cholesterol, linked with heart disease, and decreases the “good” cholesterol. It also provokes an inflammatory process and can lead to insulin resistance. However, increasing evidence shows that unsaturated fats are an essential part of...

A few tips to identify healthy carbohydrates

When we consume carbohydrates, the liver feeds itself and leaves the remainder circulate in the blood to reach muscular cells and brain cells which are very dependent on carbohydrates. The trick is to choosing wisely the type of carbohydrates and in which quantity.   Solid or liquid? It is advised to favor solid carbohydrates, such as fruits that diminish the risk of diabetes, instead of juice, that increases it. First, the intact structure of fruits contains more nutriments. Secondly, it allows the sugar to arrive at a slower pace in the blood stream and liver. How about our favorite soda drinks? When you drink those, the liquid is separated into glucose and fructose. Fructose, on the opposite of glucose, is fully absorbed by the liver, whether it...

Porridge bowl with a delicious persimmon smoothie

  The persimmon superfood is rich of beta carotene and B vitamines that protect the cells from oxidative stress and strengthen the immune system. Especially the fruits of autumn and winter contain high levels of beta carotene, vitamin C and B vitamins that strengthen the nerves and raise the mood in th dark season.   Ingredients for two bowls: 80 grams  3 corn flakes (oats, spelled and rye flakes) 250 ml    almonds milk 50 ml      fresh water 1 tbsp     agave syrup 1 pinch   salt 1/2 tsp    cinnemon 1 1/2       banana 1             persimmon 1/2          orange 1 tbsp     lemon juice Toppings: per bowl 1/2 persimmon, 4 almonds, 2 tsp chia seeds   Preparation Simmer 80 grams of 3 corn flakes (oats, spelled and rye flakes) with 250 ml of almonds milk and 50 ml water shortly. Mix it up with 1 tbsp of agave...

Improve your life with purpose & solidarity

  It feels good to do good Health benefits are greater for the givers than for the receivers! The World Happiness Report’s research 2017 placed generosity as being a source of happiness and physical health. Maslow, famously known for its pyramid of fulfilment and needs placed “self-transcendence” in his later works, on top of his pyramid, just above self-actualization. While self-actualization refers to live up to one’s full potential, self-transcendence serves something greater than self. He describes it as “the highest and most inclusive or holistic level of human consciousness, behaving and relating, as ends rather than means, to oneself, to significant others, to human beings in general, to other species, to Nature, and to the cosmos”.   Action! Committing regularly to activities such as journaling, volunteering, social bonding, and psychotherapy...

Two simple mindful exercises to bring you into the present moment

  You may focus on a still object or bring your attention on your breath. Conscious breathing is often used as an anchor in the present moment. You may go further by widening the focus to include all physical sensations along with it. Try out these two exercises to start your mindful journey   One-Minute Mindful Exercise   The 5-4-3-2-1 Mindful Exercise ...

How can “Mindfulness” improve your life and mental wellness ?

  Mental Wellness Meditation is NOT the only path towards Serenity. According to the Global Wellness Institute (2020),  consider four key dimensions if you want to significantly improve your mental wellness: Activity & Creativity: hobbies, curiosity, learning and discovery. Growth & Nourishment: self-help, therapy, coaching, brain training, cognitive enhancement Connection & Meaning: personal beliefs, altruism, gratitude and compassion Rest & Rejuvenation: meditation and mindfulness that we will dive into.   What is Mindfulness and why should you apply it to your daily life Mindfulness is basically the practice of being consciously aware in the present moment, leading to a sensation of peace. The idea is to practice “being”, rather than “doing” in order to become more “present” and more aware of one’s life, and in one’s life. Instead...


Tips to motivate yourself for physical activity !

  According to the Good Body, 50% of people who start a workout program quit exercising within the first 6 months. Here are some tips to help you get on the move!   Set SMART goals! Specific, measurable, achievable, relevant and time-based goals! Yes, your goals should be challenging but not unrealistic!   Workout with a buddy! Not only it is more fun but your Wellness Buddy holds you accountable. You are more likely to show up if you know that someone is expecting you! It is also someone with who you can share your goals, achievements and difficulties.   Reward yourself! Not with a candy bar after workout … But by saving certain entertainment for example! Are you totally addicted to a new Netflix TV show? Well, allow...

Why is physical activity so important for your health and what are the recommendations ?

Why is it so important to be physically active? Obesity, which is linked with physical inactivity, has nearly tripled worldwide since 1975; 39% of adults are now overweight. Physical inactivity and obesity that directly contribute to chronic diseases, which are collectively responsible for 71% of deaths worldwide every year. (World Health Organization, 2020). On top of helping your energy balance, weight control, musculature development and cardiorespiratory performance, being physically active strengthen your bones health and reduces the risk of falling and of some bone fractures. It also reduces the risk of high blood pressure, coronary heart disease, stroke, diabetes, cancer (such as breast and colon) and is a powerful depression antidote.   If this information did not convince you yet to save some time every week for a...

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