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Apr 08
Free initiatives, apps and useful sites to stay healthy at home

In this period of emergency and great difficulty, the recent limitations to our way of…

Mar 25
Spring on your plate: Desert or Breakfast with mango, coconut yogurt, and buckwheat flakes

The beginning of Spring is like a new beginning, body and mind now need lighter and…

Mar 18
Inspired by UNESCO and IHRSA, World Wellness Weekend  Focuses on Inclusion… YOU can too!

World Wellness Weekend is partnering with IHRSA to include more movement, Fitness…

Feb 20
Wellness morning – Healthy breakfast with pineapple smoothie millet flakes bowl

Start in your day with healthy breakfast, that strengenths your body and your mental…

Feb 12
The Missing Peace For Human Evolution & Inner Wellbeing

What If you felt truly seen, heard, valued, validated and appreciated for your unique…

Feb 06
“World Wellness Weekend brings FUN in the SDGs”

25+5 SDG Cities Lab in Davos, Switzerland 21 January 2020  “World Wellness Weekend…

Jan 29
Winter Wellness: healthy food for a good mood!

In the wintertime, the organism needs nutritious and healthy food, so that we can feel…

Oct 23
Sustainability in the beauty industry: III part

Sustainability goes far beyond initiatives related to recycling & making…

Sep 18
6 Healthy Ways to Curb Your Cravings

Got the urge to crunch or munch?  Noshing is often a mindless compulsive act as you…

Aug 28
Sustainability in the beauty industry: II part

Hair salons have a certain fragrance. You always know when you’re in one.  No…