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Hylunia Wellness MD Spa

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Workshop, Meditation, Detox, Massage, Facial


Activités - Activities

Day 1-September 22-Saturday

- Combatting Stress Lecture  Series  and workshop Dr. Lingam – 10.30am- 12.30pm
- 12:45pm - Spa Tour and goodie bags for every participant
- Letting Go of the Past - Guided Meditation w: Dr. Lingam-  1:30pm-3pm
- Meditation room available for every participant
- Mind Body Beauty wellness analysis( All Day)

Day 2- September 23-Sunday

- Pancha Karma: Detox - how toxins in food, environment and skin products affect our body and our mind.- 10am-12pm
- 12pm - Spa tours and goodie bags for every participant
- Express Detoxes available for $74 ( $99 ORIGINAL PRICE) to receive or pre-pay
- Mind Body Beauty wellness analysis( all day)

**Specials available to purchase during this weekend**
60 Minute Stress Relief and Fire Therapy Massage - $99 OR Chakra Balancing Facial - $99