Hamam at Ten Spa


Celebrate World Wellness Weekend and join us on a Hamam ritual at Ten Spa. We invite guests to join us on Sunday, 23 September at 5 PM for an Ultimate Day Pass in Hamam.

The hamam hot air bathing ritual was one of the most important pillars of the social life of the Ottoman Empire. Far more than a simple place of bathing, the Hamam was a sanctuary where men and women gathered to be renewed.

On a day-to-day basis pilgrimages to the hamam would take place. The Turkish hamam is home of the tradition of physical and spiritual purification. As the body and skin are cleaned and purified from toxins, blood circulation increases and the immune system is stimulated supporting one, both physically and mentally. The Hamam at Ten Spa reawakens this lost cleansing and rejuvenating ritual.

This event is limited to 6 participants.

To register, please email to elenaz@tenspa.ca

We look forward to celebrate World Wellness Weekend with you at Ten Spa!

Hamam ritual


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Upon arrival you will be provided spa sandals, plush Turkish robe and a locker to store your belongings. Our change rooms include luxurious showers, European thermal suite, experiential shower and amenities that get you back to work or play in style. Relax in our main lounge where you will find healthy snacks, purified water and herbal tea as well as magazines to read. A second Quiet Lounge is also available if you prefer to take a nap.

The self-administered Hamam will be scheduled at 5PM and will last about an hour. You will be provided with aromatic sea salts to be self-administered and an attendant will be available to help rinse you off. Once the scrub ritual is complete you are free to use the Hamam for detoxing and relaxation. Detoxing is healthy but can be dehydrating; be sure to drink plenty of water during and after your ritual!

After your Hamam you may continue relaxing in the lounges of the spa. Lunch, desert, and/or wine are available for purchase.