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Gold Sponsor
“We are very supportive of Jean-Guy de Gabriac’s World Wellness Weekend initiative. The combination of wellness, hospitality and personalization is at the heart of what we firmly believe at Biologique Recherche! “

Rupert Schmid and Pierre-Louis Delapalme​

Co-Chairs Biologique Recherche
Gold Sponsor
“At PLANET FITNESS, we have a deep conviction: people who practice physical activities feel better than those who don’t. And we like that people feel well. Practising a physical activity well cannot be improvised. It is something that is learned, coached and shared. And that’s why we exist. Therefore, it is logical for us to join the World Wellness Weekend with Jean Guy de Gabriac at its helm! “

Christophe Andanson

President – Planet Fitness Group

Silver Sponsor

“Wellness is to mankind what sustainability is to the Earth! Raising awareness on Wellness contributes to a better future. We are grateful to World Wellness Weekend and Jean-Guy de Gabriac for his active commitment in this initiative that we proudly support!”​

Marc Massing​

Owner Laboratoires Camylle
Lemi group silver sponsor partner of the World Wellness Weekend
Silver Sponsor
“At LEMI we are aware that the route to well-being is a long and challenging process that is successful as long as it is pursued with reliability and tenacity, which is what we have done: indeed, since 1989 at LEMI the wellness has been the core of a process leading to a steady business growth involving different factors, thus aiming at a constant improvement for both its staff and the environment in which these people work. That’s why we are very proud to support the World Wellness Weekend and spread wellness in everyday life.”​

Matteo Brusaferri

General Manager
Massage Envy Silver Partner Word Wellness Weekend
Silver Sponsor
“We are elated to participate in the 2019 World Wellness Weekend. As a wellness category leader, we believe Massage Envy has the unique opportunity to encourage every American to keep their body working through regular massage, skin care and stretch,” said Joe Magnacca, Massage Envy president and chief executive officer.  “World Wellness Weekend gives us a fantastic opportunity to highlight the importance of integrating regular body care rituals like massage and facials into a total body wellness lifestyle, positively affecting mental & emotional well-being.”
Joe Magnacca

Joe Magnacca

Massage Envy president and chief executive officer
Silver Sponsor

“It is an honor and a pleasure to lead this global wellness initiative bringing together 36 international associations, leading hotel groups and operators. Beyond design and marketing, what makes people want to return to a property dedicated to fitness, beauty and tourism is the talent of the teams, their expertise and their passion to care for people and deliver experiences rich in meaning and sensations, as transformative as possible.”

Jean-Guy de Gabriac​

Founder Tip Touch International
Bronze Sponsor
“World Wellness Weekend is bringing wellness consciousness to every area of the globe. At ALTEARAH we feel strongly about building resilience for emotional and mental wellbeing in each and every person we touch. In September and throughout the year 2019 our intention is to spread the message of emotional wellness through our professional clients and our ambassadors. Thank you Jean Guy for making this event possible.”

Shahida Siddique

President – Altearah SAS

Associations and Federations

ANETT (Association Nationales des Elus des Territoires Touristiques), encourages its 900 Mayors, to take action in their city

AUVERGNE THERMALE (11 thermal centers in the center of France)

BALINEAE – Rhône Alpes Thermal (16 thermal centers in the French Alps)

CIDESCO (present in 40 countries)

CNAIB-SPA (representing 1.750 beauty salons in France)

DANCE & CREATIVE WELLNESS (professional dancers & professors dedicated to improving the conditions of those living with Alzheimer, Parkinson, Multiple Schlerosis)


RESEAU LABEL Spas de France (gathering 185 Spas in France)

ROUTE DES VILLES D’EAUX  (15 thermal cities in the center of France) which has done an outstanding job in 2017 for the first edition of Weekend Wellness!

(l’Officiel Eau Santé & Bien-Être, specialist media in thermalism, thalassotherapy and spas)

(professional magazine for aesthetitians, owners of beauty salons &  spa managers)

(UK, GCC, South Africa)
PROFESSION BIEN-ETRE (The first French-speaking information site dedicated the wellness industry)
(The 360° Spa & Wellness Innovation Magazine)


(Spa creator & designer)

(application & database about spas worldwide)

Wellness Trip Colombia
(creator of authentic travel experiences in Colombia, encouraging healthy lifestyles, and connection with Nature)