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What has been on your plate lately ?

Do you often feel without energy, non being able to focus, feeling drained – well maybe it is time to check what has been on your plate lately?

Nutrition is far more than eating your vegetables from time to time, reminding yourself to drink enough water, or skipping a cake when offered. It’s a state of mind. It is about giving fuels to your body, And non based on your current weight wishes or simple enjoyment.

But is that really enjoyment? For many of us – it is food that gives us no energy, leaves us tired, drained (non to mention bad skin, right?), depressed.

How to improve ?

"Don't stay on your own, be in good company"

Book a nutritionist

Book a nutritionist

Book with one of the best nutritionist doctors or dietician in your area and ask them for advice on your food habits and your objectives. You can learn a lot about nutrition and find guidance to design your own personalised diet.
Learn and teach

Learn and share

Be in touch with other people to recommend and get recommendations about good addresses : shops, practitioners, restaurants, juice and salad bars.

"Let your food be your medicine"

- Hypocrate
Develop Mindfulness

Develop mindfulness

The next step is to become mindful about the nature of the foods you chose and the size of the servings. It is better to chose fresh ingredients rather than industrial meals, with high content in fats, salt and sugar. Consuming these easily available products offered by consumer society will prove to be a harmful choice on the long run. Be mindful about your body as well. Remember that your stomach, for instance, is the size of your fist. It can contain up o 4 litres, and reduces to 0.5 litres when empty. By chewing for longer and swallowing well, a feeling of fullness will come faster since your stomach does non have teeth !

Choose your foods wisely

Many shops offer a variety of ingredients to enhance your diet with healthy options. There are also a plethora of methods and books available in nutrition to guide you. Foods with health benefits and medicinal properties are available around the corner.

Eating clean

What is that all fuss around eating clean, and why is that so crucial for our health and well being, let’s dive into it
More energy

More energy

Eating healthy food has so many effects on your body and how you feel during the day. For feeling energetic and productive it is necessary to nourish your body with nutrients, such as B complex vitamins and iron. These nutrients are giving your cells fuel to function normally. Eating clean is also important to keep normal level of blood sugar, helping you avoid fatigue-inducing blood sugar spikes, which can occur after you eat processed carbohydrates, such as sweets or refined grains.
Stronger immune system

Stronger immune system

Did you know that anytime you are eating processed food and sugar, your immune system has to work hard and spend energy to protect your body against the poisons you are putting in yourself, and leaving little energy to protect you against illness.

Better mental Health

Better mental health

Eating clean does much more than just benefiting your phusical being – it also does so much for you mental health.
Some of the nutrients from your diet — such as vitamin B-6, help make dopamine, a chemical involved in feelings of pleasure.
Omega-3 fatty acids also support good mental health, while if there is a lack of it can cause moodiness and depression. Limiting caffeine can also improve mental health — it can increase anxiety — and non skipping meals can avoid stress headaches or stomachaches.

Glowing skin

Glowing skin

This is a big bonus!  When eating clean you are getting more vitamins, minerals, and hydration that starts to show up in your skin! When you eat healthier foods you consume more skin-loving healthy fats and antioxidants which results in beautiful, glowing skin. It also helps your skin stay strong and resilient.

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Johanna Thomas

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