Vitality & Movement

"What matters is to put the spirit in motion."

- Jacques Rebotier

Time to move

With all the technology developments and life moving super fast… that sometimes WE forget to move.

Vitality is powerfully related to general physical and mental state, however it’s not an easy relationship. Research suggests that the majority things that have a negative impact on physical health or mood even have a negative impact on vitality. Smoking, a poor diet, inactivity, and a stress are all negatively related to vitality (and health).

We are putting ourselves on the end of our daily TO-DO lists, which is leading to feeling stressful, nervous and also it is affecting our relationships with other people. We need to put US back at the top of the list.

How to improve ?

Sport with friends

Get social

People who exercise with their spouse, friends, or coworkers enjoy it more. Find your accountability partner!
15 minutes of cardio

15 minutes of cardio

Exercise and energy are almost synonyms, unless it’s excessive! Getting your heart rate up for simply fifteen minutes is really enough to start out increasing happy hormones, get your blood flow, and have feel energized within minutes.
Drink teas

Drink teas

Teas are not only hydrating, but detoxifying. Different herbs will support the cleansing of major organs, our blood cells, and also the system – that could be a key player in your body’s ability to control your stress response and maintain adequate energy levels.
Mind set

Mind set

We always come back to mindset – and rightly so! It’s super important. Upon waking up, are you already convincing yourself that you’re tired, that you didn’t get enough sleep, or that you would rather get more sleep than champion the day? The first hour after shuteye is critical.
The way you set up your morning can set up the direction for whole day.
Before you open your eyes, lay in bed for just a few minutes and recite some affirmations for health and vitality. You can also immediately go into gratitude for the energy that you will have and all of the great things you’ll be manifesting.

Breathing techniques

Breathing techniques

Breathing techniques are super important for our health, and people don’t have the idea how shallow their breathing is, and how sometimes if we are under a lot of stress our breaths are super short leaving us with insufficient amount of oxygen and influencing our health. Luckily there are breathing techniques that can help us feel more relaxed or that can boost our energy. Try some of these:

No time ?

A little is better than nothing! If a 30min walks does not fit your busy schedule, here is a little trick:
  • Try and stop 2 bus stops later than usual and walk the remaining distance
  • STRETCH.10 min of stretching or Yoga in the morning are better than nothing
  • Take 3 minutes every day to stretch each part of your body and breathe, or dance around

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Vitality & movefulness experts

Carly Chamberlain

Carly Chamberlain is a wellness expert, integrated therapist and the founder of the successful I AM WELLness Solution™. Carly’s fundamental 5 step program will leave you free from stress & anxiety, free from physical pain and luminous with self love ! Carly brings her solution to life during World Wellness Weekend through her inspiring and uplifting workshop of guided visualization, self massage, movement & the art of breathing, easy nutrition & natural skincare.

Sally Griffyn

Sally Griffyn

Sally Griffyn AKA Millionaire Yogi is a Spiritual Business Coach who helps Visionaries become World-Changing Influencers. She also helps conscious entrepreneurs turn their calling into a million dollar business. Sally engages spiritual methods to help build your business. She has run a multi million property development company in London, run over 60 international retreats run a yoga festival, written 3 books and now coaches people to have quantum shifts in mindset. To find her go  her website www.millionaireyogi.guru

Ellie Torrez

Ellie Torrez

Ellie Torrez is one of 3 Producers and at Tripod Productions – they have just finished post production on their first short film entitled “Plenty of Dishes” and are starting to do the Film Festival circuit. They will be screening the film at the Cannes Film Festival this year and at Bafta straight after. Ellie plays one of the lead roles – Scarlet.
Ellie Torrez is also a TV presenter & Host . She has also hosted many live events such as SM Global Catwalk 2018, The London Rolling Film Festival & Camelot Film Festival, Flame International and recently presented at Cisco Live in Barcelona. Ellie regularly interviews celebrities on The Red Carpet and at Premieres & Press Junkets for The Fan Carpet.

Shelley Chapman

I’m a worldwide author of ‘Menopause Matters’ and the ‘A-Z of Menopause Symptoms – The Secret Solutions’.
I help remove the fear, give hope and help you plan to overcome the challenges menopause brings and as a community of experts and experienced ladies, we support each other through the menopausal journey, learn how to overcome it and look forward. 



My name is Niina. I am Himalayan Singing Bowls Practitioner, Sound Therapist, Yogi, film Producer, Life Enthusiast and Traveller.  I’m grateful to the Universe for being on the Journey of Sound discovery and being able to help people to find Inner Peace though sound and nada yoga practice (yoga of sound).