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Serenity is non freedom from the storm, but peace amid the storm

- Author Unknown
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Our lives are lived at full speed

It feels there’s no slow motion choice, no slow lanes where we are able to knock down the speed for a bit and no timeouts to use – It’s just life played at the speed of sound.
Urgency and ASAP are the new black, and it usefully defines the pace of our day with mobile devises connecting us constantly with the rest of the world.

But there is hope: there are ways to reclaim our peace of mind and to seek out solace amid the chaos. Serenity is the oasis in the middle of the “busy-ness”.

It’s the place where we are able to re-charge before heading back into the rush.
Serenity is something you shouldn’t be dreaming of having, it can become a reality after you take specific steps to seek out it.

Consider these following paths to enjoy some well-deserved peace of mind

Becoming more resistant to sleep deprivation is non an option, because you would risk damaging your body and brain. It is more about becoming creative rather than reactive. Improving the quality of your sleep can be achieved by following this simple advices:

Step away

Unplug, disconnect and step  away from your routine – if just for a bit.
The way you keep in touch with others can be what’s keeping you out of touch with yourself.

Turn off electronic devices
Take few minutes to empty your mind, before it can refill with new clarity.

You may enjoy this article to learn about the importance of un-plugging yourself and taking your alone time

Find fresh air for more serenity

Find fresh air

There is a world packed with some amazing smells. The crispness of a delicate breeze, the fragrance of fresh-cut grass, and the aroma of lilacs are waiting for your pleasure. Open the door and take a nice long breath of fresh air that’s powerful enough to recharge your spirit.

Conscious breathing

Conscious breathing and Pranayama are simple and efficient practices. Pranayama is a series of complex controlled breathing exercises and is a part of ancient Yoga. Exercises where the inhale, retain and exhale times are controlled lead to focusing on oneself and on one’s sensations. The heartbeat slows down, our flow of thoughts slows or ceases, as we reach a state of inner peace. Vipassana makes use of similar techniques, as well as mindfulness training, which offers simple an easily accessible exercises.

Hit reset for more serenity and wellness

Hit reset

It isn’t the reset button that has stopped working; it may be that you have stopped looking for it.

When things appear overwhelming, reach into the middle of the chaos and allow yourself to reach for it. Hitting the reset button isn’t a proof of weakness; it’s a proof of the  power you’ve got over your life.

Smile to feel better


Smile at the slow checkout lines; smile at the rude store person and smile at yourself when you make a mistake – because that is completely normal. Don’t be so hard on yourself.

Laughter, together with your smile, brings serenity to even the most stressful situation.

Forgive yourself for more sereniity

Forgive yourself

Being angry is exhausting. Anger takes energy and time.
When you make a mistake, accept it, own it and then forgive yourself.

Regret hurts your soul; but forgiveness frees it. And in the freedom, serenity is waiting.

Create a blessings list

Create a Blessings list

Finding time to acknowledge the blessings in your life is a chance to clearly see the positive.
Find a quiet place, grab paper and pen and write down the  things you are grateful for , the, in your life.
When you finish, absorb the words and allow their goodness to guide you to great place of achievements, optimism and bliss.
Rather than focusing on what you don’t have, be grateful for what you do have. By living in a grateful state you are opening channels that will lead you to finding serenity in non just the extraordinary things, but in the ordinary things as well. Gratitude is the attitude.

Wellness brings you more serenity in your life


When your body is worn-down and tired, your mind and spirit can quickly follow.
Create healthy eating habits , exercise and pay attention to the aches and pains.

Step into nature

Step into nature

Stepping into nature is a bridge from stress and to serenity. There is a simple tranquility about being outside. The noise dissipates and the air feels cleaner. Nature provides a natural decompression which will bring your body to a state of peace. When was the last time you had a pleasant 30 minutes walk in Nature?
Sleep is good for your serenity


Sleep is the wild card in finding serenity. Without adequate sleep, fatigue, anxiety and depression can become overwhelming. But with ample sleep, you’ve got a far better probability, a fighting chance, for clarity to guide you.
Learn to say "NO"

Learn to say no

It’s difficult sustaining the habit of trying to please everyone. When you do so, you leave little for yourself. Saying “NO” to the excessive demand others is saying YES to yourself,respecting yourself ; setting a boundary that is healthy. Saying “no,” gives you the open spot for you to say “yes” to your peace, happiness and serenity.

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