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The Aronia Spa at The Aquincum Hotel Budapest offers the best wellness treatments from both European and Oriental spa cultures, and is a sanctuary of health, vitality, skincare, relaxation and stress-management. We offer a swimming pool, two thermal pools with thermal water direct from Margaret Island, a Jacuzzi, spa treatments and more.

Margaret Island thermal water is rich in calcium, magnesium, hydrogen-carbonate, sodium and salt (low concentrate). It is effective in helping to alleviate joint and muscle pain and inflammation in general, and even a short bath can significantly reduce stress and revitalise the whole body.

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Aronia Wellness & Spa

Hungary, Budapest
Árpád fejedelem útja 94.
0036 1 436 41 30

Relaxation, fitness, wellness, massage, spa

Activités - Activities

In celebration of World Wellness Weekend, taking place this year on 22nd and 23rd September, our team will be hosting the following complimentary activities:

Use of thermal pools, swimming pool, Jacuzzi, fitness centre, sauna and steam baths included in your wellness entrance ticket
Free infared sauna and sauna ceremony per person
Infared saunas are an effective tool for wellbeing and anti-ageing, with the light’s ability to penetrate human tissue making it one of the hottest home therapies for healthier, balanced living. Join a sauna ceremony and experience a unique, restorative ritual in which aromatic water is poured over the hot stones, and where guests can select ice, salt or honey to apply to the skin before sinking into a state of relaxation. Fresh fruit and refreshments are offered afterwards.

For further information, please call: +36 1 436 4130