22 & 23 Sept 2018 – Take part & take action in the world & near you, to thousands of fun, creative & wellness activities (free of charge).



World-Wellness-Weekend / VISION, MISSION & VALUES

Saturday 22 et Sunday 23 September 2018, right after the autumn equinox, hundreds of properties in Belgium, Canada, Colombia, France, Italy will open their doors to help you discover creative & original wellness activities free of charge.

Most people know how important prevention is, and that one needs to take action in order to feel one’s best. However, so many people have not yet experienced their AHA! moment to start implementing a Wellness strategy in their lives. In our entertainment-based society, one factor is sorely missing in the wellness industry: FUN!

Instead of enumerating a depressing list of statistics, we opt for a celebration, a worldwide Wellness Fiesta, to gently kick as many as possible behind their E.Q (Emotional Quotient) as Emotion often triggers Action.

The mission of World Wellness Weekend is to promote fun, creative & original Wellness activities, to boost the morale & stamina of partners, families or friends, in order to trigger the flow of pleasure hormones (serotonin & oxytocin), and make them click as they meet passionate wellness professionals, totally inspired, and very inspiring!

According to the Global Wellness Institute, “expressed on a continuum that extends from reactive to proactive approaches to health, wellness falls firmly on the proactive side, incorporating attitudes and activities that prevent disease, improve health, enhance quality of life, and bring a person to increasingly optimum levels of well-being.”

Wellness is a conscious, self-directed & evolving process, that starts with the pleasurable sensation of increasing one’s range of movement; and grows with a professional program, made to measure, and regular follow-up.


Jean-Guy de Gabriac, CEO founder TIP TOUCH, has launched World Wellness Weekend:

« Since 2001, I serve Spas, Salons, Hotels, Thermal centers & Thalassotherapy centers to develop the talents of their teams, fuel their creativity, and implement new activities & programs to enhance guest experience, satisfaction & repeat visits.

There is no finer mission in life than to encourage as many as possible to become the best version of themselves, in one’s body, mind & mood!


CANADA: Nathalie ROY, co-owner Spa Eastman Montréal and LesStudiosImagine

COLOMBIE: Alejandra MILLAN, Co-Founder Wellness Trip Colombia

ITALIE: Regis BOUDON-DORIS,  Founder Be a Business Spa & YOUSPA

CONTACT US if you want to become the Ambassador of World Wellness Weekend in your country: jean-guy(@)weekend-wellness.com