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    In only 3 years, World Wellness Weekend (WWW) became one of the biggest celebrations of 2019 with 2,356 venues in 98 countries, and 60 organizations supporting, including the UNITED NATIONS Global Sustainability Index Institute, 6 Governors, 15 Mayors, Visitors bureaus…

    On 19-20 SEPTEMBER 2020 celebrate the 4th World Wellness Weekend in 120 countries with 5,000 venues: Hotel groups, Resorts, Spas, Beauty Salons, Holistic practitioners, Hot Springs, Yoga studios, Fitness clubs, Sports associations, Dance schools, Martial Arts dojos, Outdoor activity centers, Town Halls, Visitors bureaus, Restaurants… 



    To participate, each venue (or wellness professional) agrees to organize on its premises, or in the city, or in nature, one 60-minute group workshop,

    promoting healthy lifestyles, through nutrition, or physical activities, or mindfulness, or sustainability.

    Stand out as a local or national Wellness influencer! Be as creative as possible.

    Of course, you can participate on SATURDAY 19 SEPT or SUNDAY 20 SEPT… or on both days, with one or more activity showcasing the expertise & passion of your team. Generate a positive impact for people, social networks & media connected with the UNITED NATIONS’ 17 SDGs, or your Corporate Social Responsibility.

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    Beauty Salon

    Beauty Salon

    Hot Springs

    Hot Springs



    Dance studio

    Dance Studio

    Yoga Studio

    Yoga Studio

    Fitness Sport Club

    Fitness / Sport Club

    Martial Arts Dojo

    Martial Arts Dojo

    Outdoor activity center

    Outdoor Activity Center

    Town Hall

    Town Hall

    and also tourist bureau, hotel, restaurant … and more !

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    How to Participate

    PARTICIPATING is really easy (at no cost). To appear on the World Wellness Map, simply register online and organize (at least) one FUN, creative and free wellness activity :

    FUN & as creative as possible to catch the eye of the media, and raise the awareness of the public in relation with the 5 pillars of well-being: SLEEP, NUTRITION, VITALITY (movement, sports), SERENITY (mindfulness) and SENSE of PURPOSE (paying it forward & giving back to community).
    FREE to welcome as many as possible, and show them how GOOD it feels to be WELL as often as possible!

    You can also add special offers or promotional packages so that potential clients COME on the weekend of 19-20 September, and COME BACK before Christmas.

    Together we can inspire millions of people to adopt HEALTHIER & HAPPIER habits to respond effectively to the dangers of a sedentary lifestyle (obesity, chronic diseases, loneliness …)

    Jean-Guy de Gabriac

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