Third pillar of Wellness, Nutrition (Part 2)

Part 2 of the few tips of Jean-Guy de Gabriac, founder of TIP TOUCH to help you develop your appetite for knowledge about nutrition.
BEAUTY FORUM France, comments collected by Anne-Sophie GAMELIN

“We do not live from what we eat, but from what we digest” Alexandre Dumas

Eating less and better will make you feel lighter, with faster digestion, without feeling down in the early afternoon.
Also think about the relationship between your nutrition and the state of your brain and your mood, because our dietary habits and our intestinal flora (also called micro-biome) have an impact on our mental health. For example, omega-3s are very effective in the plasticity of the brain, as well as in the treatment of bipolar depressions. Prebiotics and probiotics are essential, especially after taking antibiotics, to boost our intestinal flora and balance our digestion.
You can also visit Asian or organic stores that offer ingredients that are proven to be good in terms of longevity and quality of life:

  • Turmeric would prevent certain cancer cells ;
  • Umeboshi (dried plum from Japan) improves intestinal absorption of alkaline minerals (iron, magnesium) contained in other foods ;
  • The reishi mushroom has many virtues (anti fatigue and fortifying, immune stimulant, protection of the cardiovascular system) ;
  • Goji berries (or Chinese lycra) are both detoxifying, rich in calcium for the bones, preventing rheumatism and stimulating the memory. Ideal to have with invigorating almonds to quickly stop the feeling of hunger.

Scientists are looking at the communication between the 500 million neuron-like cells lodged in the walls of the digestive tract and the brain with two-way signals regulating the sensation of hunger or satiety, but also the phenomena of inflammation. Anti-ignition foods to be preferred are, according to the seasons: apples, blueberries, blackcurrants, chestnuts, spinach …

“Good food, clear thoughts”

Now you have to make more conscious choices, and avoid the ease. By chewing slowly more colors and seasonal flavors, served in a dessert plate, you will notice in a few weeks differences in your body, not only on the scale, but especially in your way of living, moving, sleeping, thinking…

With Wellness, no need to deprive yourself, it feels so GOOD to be WELL ?

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