Are you a spa / salon / studio owner?

Join for free 3rd World Wellness Weekend September 21-22, 2019!
With the support of UK Spa Association, the 3rd World Wellness Weekend is:
A media event to be celebrated in 2019 by 2,000 venues in 100 countries

Beauty salons, Spas, Hotels, Yoga / Pilates studios, Hot Springs, Fitness clubs, Mayors, Chambers of Commerce, Visitors bureaus…

40 associations / federations / organisations supporting

The UNITED NATIONS Global Sustainability Index Institue, European Commission (#BeActive), CIDESCO, ISPA, Spa Industry Association, Arizona Spa & Wellness Association, Floridat Spa Association, UK Spa Association…

A springboard to communicate

Together, let’s open our doors on the same weekend, from sunrise in Fiji to sunset in Hawaii. Let’s communicate together to attract new clients and give them reasons to come back!


We are here to help you with your organization!

  • REGISTER ONLINE in a matter of minutes. 
    You will appear immediately on the World Wellness Map
    You get a whole page to present your venue (NO charge)
  • THE ONLY OBLIGATION to participate is to organize (at least) one free, FUN and original activity of 60 minutes.
  • CREATE A BUZZ about World Wellness Weekend on your website, your facebook / instagram page …
  • Need a hand? DOWNLOAD the PARTICIPATION KIT to help you get started and maximize visibility

Do you want to gain visibility?

  • Organize an original activity: we have lots of ideas for you
  • Encourage clients to come back with special offers
  • Partner with other businesses in your street or neighborhood to create a collective Wellness agenda throughout the weekend
  • Get the attention of the media! (Check out our International Media Book with over 250 mentions (Check out our 2018 International Media Book with over 250 mentions (TV, radio, specialized press, websites, blogs…)

Choose the most convenient time for you...

You would like to take part but only have one hour available in your busy schedule for the weekend? Or, you would like to organize half of day of events?

Choose your best moment to organize your wellness event(s):

  • Friday 20th Sept after 6pm (Afterworks) and / or
  • Saturday 21st Sept (at the time of your choice) and / or
  • Sunday 22nd Sept (at the time of your choice)

Download practical ideas to get started  in the PARTICIPATION KIT.

Other question? A particular request?