Forth Pillar of Wellness, Serenity (part 1)

After sleep, nutrition and vitality, here is the 4th pillar of Wellness: Serenity. The studies are unanimous: to avoid feeling “empty”, the best method is to clear your mind! These tips from Jean-Guy de Gabriac, founder of TIP TOUCH will help you manage your stress and that feeling of emptiness.
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Serenity wellness blog

Methods and exercises

A few minutes a day of calm, relaxation, visualization or meditation produce very appreciable and measurable physiological and psychological results on the brain. There are many ways to tame stress, as Dr. Dominique Hoareau would say in his excellent book of the same name (Taming Stress).
There are many exercises to clarify the mind or to stimulate creativity, which can be practiced alone or in groups, in a closed room or on public transport (as if you were sleeping).
Conscious breathing is the simplest and most effective way, especially Pranayama. This yogic practice allows you to control your breath to better retain and lengthen it. Inspiring by counting 4 seconds, holding your lungs full for 4 seconds, exhaling in 4 seconds and holding your lungs “empty” in 4 seconds, immediately allows you to refocus on yourself and your feelings. Your heartbeat slows down, the flow of your thoughts decreases, you settle, an impression of expansion can occur and a slight smile can come to bloom to your lips … When you are comfortable with this rhythm, you can pass gradually to 5 seconds or more per step.
Naturally, the next logical step is the practice of meditation. Far from any sectarian drift, this discipline has been offered for years in schools, prisons, and many companies to create an atmosphere of appeasement, listening, mutual respect so that the daily hassle, frustrations or frustrations do not take unnecessary proportions. It shows and feels, to the point that the very serious Cleveland Mayo Clinic, has shown that the benefits of meditation such as physical calm, intellectual clarity and emotional appeasement, are not measurable only in practice, but all the rest of the day.
Another approach, more Western,  derived from Pranayama is called sophrology, which can also lead to creative visualization. Very effective to learn to better manage fears, anxieties, depressions and phobias, but also to develop self-confidence.
As well as lacking sleep or having an unbalanced diet (see previous blog posts) will show signs of fatigue on your face (drier and more sensitive skin, tense lines, more pronounced wrinkles, dark circles and bags under the eyes) and also on your body (low shoulders, arched back, short breathing, less resistance to stress and microbes …), the practice of serenity produces exactly the opposite effects with a slender posture, relaxed features, a confident look …
A simple and fun example to do is to inhale through your mouth and block your nostrils. Without expiring, take another breath, then another, and another … until your lungs are so full that you can not breathe more. You have to exhale! It is the same with the activities that we chained one after another or simultaneous (multi-tasking) without taking the time to take a break to recharge.

To be continued soon on the Wellness Blog !


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