On Sept 19 & 20, 2020

CELEBRATE THE 4TH World Wellness Weekend

On the 3rd week-end of September, 4,000+ spas, salons, yoga studios, fitness clubs, sport associations in 120 countries open their doors and invite you to discover fun & creative activities to boost your Vitality, Serenity, and Beauty.

60 organizations are supporting, including UNITED NATIONS Global Sustainability Index Institute Foundation – UNGSII, IHRSA, International SPA Association, International Massage Association, International Sauna Association, AUFGUSS-WM, World Championship Massage, Industry Spa Association, Arizona Spa and Wellness Association, Southwest Spa Alliance, Associacion Americana de Spa, Malaysian Spa Association…

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Indulge with relaxing massages, uplifting facials, creative yoga/Pilates/dance classes, mindful workshops, inspiring talks, exhilarating sports…

Click on the World Wellness Map below, to plan your well-deserved STAYCATION, or explore a new city with fun WELLNESS ACTIVITIES, GETAWAYS and RETREATS with your partner or wellness-buddy!

5 Pillars of Wellness

Icône catégorie mieux dormir

Sleep & Restoration

Tired of being tired? Enjoy restorative sleep to make the most of each day.

Nutrition & Nourishment

Trouble finding and keeping your ideal weight? Savour finger licking tips & advice

Icône catégorie plus de vitalité

Vitality & Movement

Your body is neither your slave nor your enemy! Take care of yourself, it’s is the only place you can live in.

Serenity & Mindfulness

Stop the glorification of being “busy”. Be more, by doing less.

Purpose & Solidarity

Some wake up to an alarm clock, others to a calling. Step out of yourself… it feels great to be useful to others.

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Discover fun and free wellness activities near you !

Thousands of wellness activities around the world

GLOBAL event, LOCAL activities

They support us

​Rupert Schmid e Pierre-Louis Delapalme

“We are very supportive of Jean-Guy de Gabriac’s World Wellness Weekend initiative. The combination of wellness, hospitality and personalization is at the heart of what we firmly believe at Biologique Recherche!“

Rupert Schmid and Pierre-Louis Delapalme​
Co-Chairs Biologique Recherche
Christophe Andanson

“At PLANET FITNESS, we have a deep conviction: people who practice physical activities feel better than those who don’t. And we like that people feel well. Practising a physical activity well cannon be improvised. It is something that is learned, coached and shared. And that’s why we exist. Therefore, it is logical for us to join the World Wellness Weekend with Jean Guy de Gabriac at its helm!“

President – Planet Fitness Group
Marc Massing

“Wellness is to mankind what sustainability is to the Earth! Raising awareness on Wellness contributes to a better future. We are grateful to World Wellness Weekend and Jean-Guy de Gabriac for his active commitment in this initiative that we proudly support!”​

Owner Laboratoires Camylle
Joe Magnacca

“We are elated to participate in the 2019 World Wellness Weekend. As a wellness category leader, we believe Massage Envy has the unique opportunity to encourage every American to keep their body working through regular massage, skin care and stretch,” said Joe Magnacca, Massage Envy president and chief executive officer. “World Wellness Weekend gives us a fantastic opportunity to highlight the importance of integrating regular body care rituals like massage and facials into a total body wellness lifestyle, positively affecting mental & emotional well-being.”

Massage Envy president and chief executive officer
Matteo Brusaferi

“At LEMI we are aware that the route to well-being is a long and challenging process that is successful as long as it is pursued with reliability and tenacity, which is what we have done: indeed, since 1989 at LEMI the wellness has been the core of a process leading to a steady business growth involving different factors, thus aiming at a constant improvement for both its staff and the environment in which these people work. That’s why we are very proud to support the World Wellness Weekend and spread wellness in everyday life.”

General Manager at LEMI Group
Shahida Siddique

“World Wellness Weekend is bringing wellness consciousness to every area of the globe. At ALTEARAH we feel strongly about building resilience for emotional and mental wellbeing in each and every person we touch. In September and throughout the year 2019 our intention is to spread the message of emotional wellness through our professional clients and our ambassadors. Thank you Jean Guy for making this event possible.”

Shahida Siddique
President - Altearah SAS
Roland Schatz

"We're delighted to support the World Wellness Weekend as it supports Sustainable Development Goals n°3 "Good Health and Wellbeing", and we wish Jean-Guy and his team every success."

CEO - United Nations Global Sustainability Index Institute (UNGSII)

"The International SPA Association is proud to support World Wellness Weekend as spas from around the world open their doors to customers looking to find a mind, body, spirit connection."

Lynne McNees
President - International SPA Association
Susie Ellis

"The Global Wellness Institute and World Wellness Weekend share a common goal: wellness for all. We congratulate Jean-Guy de Gabriac on organizing this conference on 'Wellness as a Society Challenge and Growth Accelerator.' We are also delighted that World Wellness Weekend has pledged to participate in The Global Wellness Moonshot: A World Free of Preventable Disease, which is an initiative of the Global Wellness Institute."

Susie Ellis
Chair and CEO - The Global Wellness Institute
Stéphane HUIN

"Le Weekend Mondial du Bien-Être est une formidable opportunité pour nous de valoriser toutes les activités de bien-être et de prévention santé, qui sont chères aux stations thermales d'Auvergne et du Massif Central. Tous les acteurs de nos stations (élus, offices de tourisme, spas, Thermes, hôteliers, associations...) ont prévu de se mobiliser chaque année pour le Weekend Mondial du Bien-Être, qui devient le temps fort emblématique des Accros du Peignoir."

Stéphane HUIN
Directeur de la Communication et du Développement
Auvergne Thermale / La Route des Villes d'Eaux/ Thermhôtel
Virginie Delas

"C'est avec plaisir que nous participerons à nouveau au Weekend Mondial du Bien-être (21-22 Sept 2019) ! Nous associerons les journées européennes du patrimoine au weekend wellness, weekend festif en perspective !"

Virginie DELAS
directrice générale adjointe de l’OT Clermont Auvergne Tourisme
Alphonse BELLONTE, maire de Saint-Nectaire

"Le Weekend Mondial du Bien-être a été l'occasion d'inviter les habitants et forces vives de la commune à un moment convivial et de bien-être, avec la participation de plusieurs élus (dont Clermont Métropole) et nous avons accueilli de nombreux visiteurs qui avaient été attirés à cette occasion."

Maire de Saint-Nectaire
Anne Leclerc

"Le Weekend Mondial du Bien-être, c'est un art de vivre qui a du sens à Bourbon. Le cadre de vie s'y prête bien. Tourisme de bien-être et patrimoine historique sont prometteurs tel "un bon cru"! 
Ce sera avec grande joie de renouveler l'opération Weekend Mondial du Bien-être 2019."

Anne Leclercq
Maire de Bourbon et vice-présidente du thermalisme au sein de la communauté de communes du bocage Bourbonnais

"Grâce à leur participation, les commerçants découvrent de nouveaux clients qui deviennent fidèles, et apprécient aussi de faire découvrir leurs talents à un public qui n'aurait pas franchi leur porte. Notre ville se positionne comme un fédérateur, un lieu d'expression et de découverte de cet art de vivre, dont la composante bien-être est un atout majeur. Notre devise « la vie en Roz », à tout instant."

1ère Adjointe au Maire de Perros Guirec en charge Animation et Culture

"PHYT'S and WORLD WELLNESS WEEKEND share common precious values and philosophy such as well-being, care for people, sustainable development, holistic beauty. Organic skincare and wellness are naturally associated. Partnering with World Wellness Weekend is obvious for us as PHYT'S has always been promoting wellness by offering people certified organic and 100% natural cosmetics.
Thank you Jean-Guy de Gabriac for organizing such a global event that links people together, and inspire local initiatives."

Jérôme Logre
Managing Director at Phyt's
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